Private Lessons

Private lessons are generally the most effective way of learning to dance. The 1 on 1 attention combined with hands on tactile feedback will strongly accelerate the learning curve over group classes alone. Private lessons are tailored to each individual or couple to help them achieve their goals. There are no requirements as to frequency or long term commitments for private lessons. That is entirely up to each persons schedule, desire and budget.
Private Lesson Pricing:

(Individual lessons are 50 minutes in length)

Single lessons: $60

Discount Block rate: $240 for 5 lessons (Buy 4 get 1 free) [valid for one year from date of purchase)

Pro-Am students receive additional discounts. Please speak with Monty or Kristin if interested in competition within UCWDC, ACDA, or WSDC and NASDE West Coast Swing competition circuits.

Private lesson locations:

Mondays– All About Dance

Tuesdays– The Savoy

Wednesday afternoons- The Savoy

Wednesday evenings- Jazzercise

Thursday– All About Dance

Friday and Saturdays:  Scheduled as needed around Monty and Kristin’s travel schedule

Sundays– Jazzercise