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About Us

Monty and Kristin Ham have each been teaching dance for 20 years. They were married in 2005 and joined forces in teaching and competing. As they shared the same passions for their students, dancing, and teaching, it was a match made in heaven. They have developed a successful curriculum with an award winning style of teaching that is logical, intellectual, energetic, humorous and encouraging all at the same time. Together, they are the 2013 UCWDC Open Showcase World Champions. Between teaching groups lessons, private lessons, and traveling nationally to numerous events and workshops they maintain a busy schedule.

Monty and Kristin teach group lessons in Colorado Springs on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and in Denver on Wednesdays. These groups have been running continuously for the over 19 years and counting. Much of their time is spent coaching competitive couples, pro-am students and their competitive team known as ”The Ham Jam.” They consider their students to be part of their extended family which enhances the fun level all around. As Kristin says…”There is one rule in our camp…You must have fun!”

The recent family addition of their daughter, Milana Rose Ham born in January of 2014 has definitely added to the entertainment level as well. They are pleased to welcome their second Hamlet, Elijah as of December 2015.

Monty and Kristin
Dancing is an Oasis.
Kristin Ham

Extended Bios

Monty Ham


Monty has been teaching anatomy of movement through dance for about 17 years, after teaching martial arts for many years prior. With a completive background in various endeavors, he is no stranger to competition or movement dynamics.

His background includes physics (including 1st place state, 3rd place nationals), mathematics (1st place state and national competitions), and martial arts (7 years undefeated). After many years of competing, judging, and teaching couples dance, Monty won Open Showcase World Championships with his wife Kristin in 2013, taking first place in every dance for the entire competitive year. As a professional competitor and champion in multiple dance styles, he continues his own education regularly. He has also won several top teacher titles at national events. Monty has experience as an event director with several years directing Colorado State Swing Championships, event emcee, DJ, judge, and scoring analysis.

Kristin (Geil) Ham

Kristin Dance Camp

Kristin is a Colorado native, born and raised in Boulder, Colorado. By the age of 3 she knew that her dream was to become a professional dancer. With a family focused on athletics many of her activities growing up helped her develop the skills of a dancer. She was competitive through her high school years in speed swimming, downhill ski racing (junior Olympic competitor), gymnastics, synchronized swimming (junior Olympic Competitor), horse vaulting (national title holder) and the POM Squad.

Kristin attended college at Colorado State University earning her bachelors degree in Wildlife Biology. During that time she crossed paths with Rex Jones, a current UCWDC Masters competitor. He had decided he would train his own “Ferrari” for his next partner. He asked Kristin if she would like to be this “Ferrari”…..she immediately said yes! The next 6 years consisted of constant hard work developing her skill set as a professional country-ballroom competitor. Rex and Kristin were undefeated in their time competing together, winning their way to the 2000 UCWDC Division I World Championship title and 2001 UCWDC Classic Masters World Championship title.

She then partnered with Toby Munroe, another great match. Together they won the 2004 and 2005 UCWDC Classic Masters World Championship titles.

Her next partner was her husband Monty Ham. Together they won the 2013 Open Showcase World Championship title, remaining undefeated through the year in every dance.

Kristin is also been extremely active in competition with her pro-Am students. In addition to her 5 dance world competitive titles, she has earned the prestigious title of “World’s Top Teacher” 4 times for how well her students perform relative to all the other competitors at the world championships. She is also a journeyman level certified judge for the UCWDC judging all levels of competition, as well as an expert at all 8 competitive dances.

Kristin received the honor of the Classic Choice award at the Colorado Country Classic in 2012. Throughout the duration of her career she has won so many national titles, Jack and Jill titles and national top teacher tittles that she, very humbly, has lost count.